Nano Pure represents a suite of germ protection products and solutions from Nano, a global health technology company based in Austin, Texas. We are dedicated to creating a healthier future, today through the development and delivery of groundbreaking solutions to protect against infectious disease and health threats worldwide. Our fight against pathogens in a post-antibiotic era will affect positive change on a global scale. To deliver this future, we harness the power of nanotechnology to create solutions that improve the health and safety of our global community.
what is nanotechnology?
Nanotechnology is the exploration and development of products at the scale of 1 to 100 nanometers. At this scale, we are uncovering new physical, chemical, and biological properties, leading to numerous novel materials and applications.
this is nanotechnology
The Future of Antimicrobial Protection
Today’s dynamics call for a fundamentally different approach for protection against harmful germs and infectious disease. There hasn’t been an effective solution that provides active protection against harmful germs – until now. And it couldn’t come at a better time. The solution is Nano Pure™.

Developing optimized formulations for longer-lasting protection across skin and other applications
The active ingredient in Nano Pure, BAC, is part of a class of chemicals called quaternary amine compounds or QACs. QACs kill harmful germs by breaking their protective outer membranes apart and destroying at the molecular level. It is well established that contact time plays a role in the efficacy of antiseptics and disinfectants. The longer it stays in contact with a pathogen, the more effective it will be. Unlike traditional sanitizers that rely on alcohols which evaporate quickly after applied, a major benefit of our active ingredient is its ability to remain on a surface after application.

Once applied, our proprietary formulation will self-assemble as a nanofilm, or a layer of trillions of microscopic structures that are deadly to harmful germs. Once dried, our nanofilm tightly bonds to surfaces offering residual, long-lasting antimicrobial protection.