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Nano is your guide to personal health & well-being.

  • Rewire your brain
  • Sleep better
  • Pain Management
  • Overcome addiction
  • Environmental Impacts on Health

Does Your mind run a mile a minute? Nano knows the brain can be retrained at any age. Download the app to learn how to increase feelings of relaxation, safety, and increase overall emotional strength.

Stress, anxiety, low-energy and even weight gain can all be linked to poor sleep. Nano knows the how's and why's to help you get the rest you need. Download the app to learn more.

Chronic pain affects millions of people. While it’s a long-term condition for many, new tools and approaches offer hope that it doesn't have to be. Nano guides users on their path to feeling better. Download the app to learn how.

Addiction is a serious disease that impacts millions of people, but there's more hope than ever before. At Nano, we explore ways to shift chemical dependency, the social conditions of this disease and the ways our brains can be retrained to manage addiction. Get the information you need today.

We know that what you do affects your health, but what about where you live? What you drink? What you breathe? Nano helps you learn more about what’s on the inside and the outside. Click on the blog to learn more.

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We all need expert advice sometimes. Now it’s at the tip of your fingers. Getting help has never been easier and more affordable. Get #nanorized Get #well

Personalized guide to health Nano App

Secure your health data and get personalized guidance. Understand your genetics. Visualize your and your family’s health journey. Easily share and communicate with your care team. Nano steps are small changes towards a better life.

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Live better now Nano

From expert advice to leading breakthroughs, Nano Studios is the leading voice in scientifically backed health and well-being content. Content channels about topics like rebuilding your immune system and navigating life stages.

Breakthrough delivered Products

Discover the unseen causes of disease. From air quality monitoring to digestive insights, Nano helps you navigate through the busy landscape of consumer health products and services.

The Well-Beings

Nano believes health should be personalized, customized, and accessible. The Well-Beings are here to guide users through their well-being journey, offering advice and connection to needed resources.

About Nano

Nano is an intelligent wellness platform, designed to help you achieve peak health and happiness. Other apps focus on illness - we’re all about wellness.

Nano directs your personalized wellness path by connecting you with the right health resources and experts, when and where you need them. From breakthrough products to customized recommendations and support, Nano is making a healthier world.

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