Nano is an intelligent platform designed to help you achieve self-driving health.

Nano App

Our AI-powered app curates a comprehensive profile of your health and gives you access to an ever-expanding resource of community support, insights and on-demand services to help you and those you care for. We believe that to optimize well-being, everyone needs an ongoing understanding of their physical, mental and genetic health. That's what we’re building at Nano today.

The world around you

We believe that it is critical to understand the interplay between the many factors that impact our health and well-being. Our Nano Sense system captures information about your environment - from levels of particulate matter to certain gasses and humidity levels - so you can better understand the connections between your health, lifestyle, and the world around you.

Connected lives

We see Nano's personal health profiles and gathering data about the world around us as the first step to changing how we think about our well-being. By empowering you to take ownership of your health and well-being information and connecting all of the data needed to understand and track wellness, we can create a base for a global marketplace of innovators to create new solutions.

We are working to build a healthier today and tomorrow

Nano has brought together a stellar team of AI experts, scientists, designers, medical advisors, engineers and coders.

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