Nano in Davos: Health & The Fourth Industrial Revolution

This week, Nano traveled to Davos for the 2019 World Economic Forum. One of this year’s discussion themes was the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” which refers to the increasing overlap between technology and physical human life.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution represents a critical juncture where, as technologies like artificial intelligence and IoT become more prevalent, organizations and governments need to lay the groundwork for governing their use and managing the resulting societal transitions. Throughout the week, there was a lot of discussion about the ethics of intersecting technology and humanity, the future of jobs in an increasingly automated world and the possibilities for large-scale change across a number of industries.

The below video produced by the World Economic Forum is a great primer on the concept of the Fourth Industrial Revolution:


As part of this important discussion, Nano’s CEO Steve Papermaster spoke alongside Leonie Hill Capital CEO Arun Kant about how the Fourth Industrial Revolution is poised to be a game-changer for human health.


“Cloud computing, coupled with the advent of smart phones and structures like the app store, have lifted the capacity and output of the tech and software industry by several hundred thousand-fold. We will do the same for health.” 

-Steve Papermaster, CEO of Nano at Digital Davos


The conversation covered the need to harness emerging technologies for innovation in healthcare as other industries like transportation and communication have done over the last decade – and noted that healthcare is a notoriously slow-moving industry.

“But as I always say, ‘the elephant moves slowly,’” said Arun. “Being a start-up, Nano can move faster.”

We look forward to sharing a full video of the conversation in the coming days.