Healthcare is Broken: A Conversation with The Hill’s Steve Clemons

Nano CEO Steve Papermaster and The Hill’s editor-at-large Steve Clemons discussed the state of healthcare at “The Future of Healthcare Summit” on a recent Wednesday in Washington, D.C.

The summit convened experts in the healthcare space for a discussion about laying the groundwork for the future, while also identifying the “fixers” for the industry in entrepreneurs, insurance company executives and non-profit leaders. Clemons and Papermaster spoke about the lack of innovation in healthcare – especially when compared with the rapid innovation in transportation, entertainment and communication, which are spaces that have been wholly transformed by the likes of Uber, Netflix and Facebook.

“Healthcare is broken,” emphasized Papermaster. “It’s nobody’s fault, but it is broken relative to where we should be at this stage in 2019.”

In fact, Papermaster was involved with kickstarting arguably the most influential innovation in healthcare of this century thus far – The Human Genome Project, which was completed in 2003. Sixteen years later, genomic testing technology created by the project is still the frontline of innovation in the relatively stagnant marketplace of consumer healthcare.

“Of all the things in our life, health is the most important thing, and we have made the least progress in fundamentally changing how we relate to our health on a day-to-day basis.”
-Steve Papermaster

Papermaster explained how users of the Nano platform will be able to create a unique, personalized health profile to take full ownership of their own important health and wellness information. Citing Facebook as an example, Papermaster stated that collective information is the tool that can turn a technology from “virtually inconceivable, to very rapidly becoming indispensable.”

“The power of connection is tremendous, but it should be your choice,” Papermaster said in response to the question of privacy. “The user’s information is theirs. It’s personal. It’s private. It’s portable.”

Clemons summarized the theme of the summit in one particular question regarding patients on their healthcare journey: “How do we figure out how to empower people and patients where they are?”

“It takes a platform to drive a paradigm shift,” answered Papermaster. “In healthcare, that means a care-adigm shift.”

Catch the full interview here.