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  • Relax your mind
  • Sleep better
  • Pain Management
  • Overcome addiction
  • Environmental Impacts on Health

Does Your mind run a mile a minute? Nano knows the brain can be retrained at any age. Download the app to learn how to increase feelings of relaxation, safety, and increase overall emotional strength.

Stress, anxiety, low-energy and even weight gain can all be linked to poor sleep. Nano knows the how's and why's to help you get the rest you need. Download the app to learn more.

Chronic pain affects millions of people. While it’s a long-term condition for many, new tools and approaches offer hope that it doesn't have to be. Nano guides users on their path to feeling better. Download the app to learn how.

Addiction is a serious disease that impacts millions of people, but there's more hope than ever before. At Nano, we explore ways to shift chemical dependency, the social conditions of this disease and the ways our brains can be retrained to manage addiction. Get the information you need today.

We know that what you do affects your health, but what about where you live? What you drink? What you breathe? Nano helps you learn more about what’s on the inside and the outside. Click on the blog to learn more.

Personalized well-being

Health and wellness is a journey and we’re here to help you navigate it every step of the way.

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Health & Wellness Paths

  • Personalized Paths, made for you, supported by experts.
  • Search and filter by goal, preference or interest.

Bite-Sized Goals

  • Start small. Go Big.
  • Complete Nano actions to earn points, level up, and make progress.

Wellness Community

  • Join Groups to connect to people with similar goals.
  • Connect with coaches and medical professionals.

Your data. One place.

  • Track your health and wellness data in one secure location.
  • Share on your terms. Sure beats a stack of papers.

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