Protect the health of everyone you serve.

Nano Pure™ brings hand sanitizers into the 21st century. It combines efficacy and long-lasting, ongoing protection in a dermatologist-tested solution.

Nano Pure™ is a superior and safer replacement for traditional sanitizers, especially in medical offices.

It's safe and gentle on skin.

Nano Pure™ is water-based, dermatologist-tested and won't irritate your skin even with daily use.

It kills 99.99% of illness and disease-causing germs.

The patented formula in Nano Pure™ forms a molecular bond that's active on the surface of your skin, killing harmful germs on contact.

It creates a long-lasting germ barrier at the molecular level.

Spraying on this active germ barrier is like wearing an invisible glove that keeps you protected for up to 24 hours.

Nano Pure Leading alcohol based sanitizers
Non-flammable and safe
Forms a protective barrier on skin
Remains active after drying
Hydrates skin

About Nano Pure

Nano Pure™ is the first major advancement in germ protection, bringing hand sanitizers to the 21st century by combining efficacy and long-lasting, ongoing protection in a non-irritating solution. This transformative technology is valuable to your patients’ health and safety, as well as your own.

Nano Pure™ works through a powerful, environmentally and human-friendly patented formula. Our formula has a unique mechanical mode of disinfection, avoiding widespread concerns such as antimicrobial resistance and chemical leaching. Our patented formula is FDA-registered, CDC and EPA-approved (category IV), and has proven highly effective on various surfaces for extended periods of time, with no known toxicity.

About Nano

Nano is a molecular data company, pioneering real-time data discovery, analysis, and activation at the nanoscale. We are redefining how human and environmental health challenges are conquered. With advanced technologies along with FDA-registered and EPA-approved products, we're creating protection against illness- and disease-causing germs, and in turn, creating a safer, healthier world.

Our technology makes real-time molecular data addressable to ultimately redefine how human and environmental health challenges are conquered. The data collected will accelerate the development of tailored solutions, specific to a given problem, issue, environment, or life form. This will lead to faster product development cycles, ability to predict outbreaks, shortened regulatory cycles, and elimination of unwanted side effects from generalized solutions.