Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nano doing to support the current COVID-19 crisis?

In response to the current coronavirus health crisis, our team is: 1. Distributing our current inventory as quickly as possible for supplemental protection. 2. Accelerating production and distribution of current formulation for supplemental protection. 3. Optimizing products based on evidence of underlying technology’s effectiveness against enveloped viruses such as the coronavirus. This includes applications for skin as well as other surfaces. 4. Establishing high-capacity production of new products optimized for prevention of COVID-19.

Is Nano Pure effective against coronavirus (COVID-19)?

The active ingredient in Nano Pure is effective against 99.99% of illness-causing germs. We are in the process of testing our current and future formulations against human coronavirus. As such, we are pursuing additional testing and optimization of new products for skin and other surfaces. At this time, we recommend following the CDC prevention guidelines, applying Nano Pure for supplemental protection.

Does Nano Pure kill bacteria?

Yes, Nano Pure is effective against 99.99% of illness-causing germs.

Does Nano Pure stay on after washing your hands?

Evidence supports that our underlying technology dries and strongly binds to a variety of surfaces. We naturally shed skin cells throughout the day, the rate of which can vary based on a variety of factors, including abrasion from washing hands, rubbing other surfaces, and other activities. We suggest applying when you feel the need for increased protection.

Are there any side effects or safety concerns of Nano Pure?

Nano Pure is safe for use as labeled.

What ingredients are in Nano Pure?

Ingredients are provided on the bottle label, available here.

What is the alcohol percentage in Nano Pure?

The current formulation was designed to be water-based and contains approximately 17% alcohol.

What is the shelf life of Nano Pure?

Each bottle of Nano Pure includes a ‘use by’ date for maximum effective use.