Countdown to Sunday Scaries (for grown ups)

Sundays are hard. Even when you’re (allegedly) a grown-up. There’s that “What am I doing with my life?” despair that can hit (particularly in the winter months as darkness draws in early) around mid-afternoon. Or the more obvious, but no less painful, “I hate my job! (and it’s Monday again in a few HOURS *sighs*).”

Even if you’ve saved enough for a comfortable retirement, one assumes there are plenty of Monday mornings to go until then. So a solution for Sundays is needed now. Because you can’t hit the wall (metaphorically) every weekend or you’ll go quietly mad.

Reinventing Sundays

You need a ritual for the close of the weekend that makes life worthwhile. Something to absorb you, to look forward to, to uplift and soothe you. The kind of ritual that instills a sense of well-being and happiness – even, dare we say it, joy (if we’re not going out of your comfort zone with that thought.)

Here are a few rituals we’ve tried at Nano:

  • Request a new cookbook out of the local library each week and learn a new cuisine from around the world to add to your repertoire. Start with spicy winter-ready curries from South India and work your way across the continents via Russian borscht, Icelandic fish stews, British Yorkshire puddings and Malibu-style kale shakes (yum).
  • Join a knitting circle or scrapbooking session: Most craft stores have after hours groups of like-minded or wanna-be creatives. Byproduct = impress your family with homemade gifts by next year. If these classes aren’t on Sundays, you can block out this time to practice and perfect your new skills.
  • Local walk loops: Many municipalities are encouraging residents to get moving and get fit. You could do with feeling part of your neighborhood and it will give you a serotonin boost for the workweek.
  • Learn Welsh (or Dothraki): Perhaps you’re a rugby fan and considering traveling to Wales next year. Why not learn the language and impress the locals? Perhaps you were devoted to “Game of Thrones”. You could always learn High Valyrian and really participate in online discussions about that finale with the correct vocab to hand.
  • Bubble baths and audio books: Splash out (sorry, we couldn’t resist) on aromatherapy oils, candles (fake and flameless if you feel safer doing so) and indulge in a luxurious soak while listening to something splendid on the radio or a downloaded audiobook on your laptop.
  • Box sets sessions: Don’t sit mindlessly in front of the flat screen. Make a concerted effort to get swept away by something great in the drama (or comedic) department. Wintry Sunday early evenings are good times to enjoy costume dramas, crime procedurals or comedy specials.
  • Trace your ancestors: After an Ancestry DNA test, build out your family tree and be ready to unearth potentially shattering – or fascinating – revelations about your heritage. Sunday nights will fly by.

What NOT to do

Stop inflicting pain on yourself on Sunday evenings. Don’t pay bills, you’ll just dread the end of the weekend even more. Save all house/personal admin until Thursday evenings. Order a delicious take-out, light candles, clear the decks, settle up your accounts, check your diary for the following week, then get to bed early. It’s Friday tomorrow which is, you know, practically the weekend.

Final thoughts

If you’re a parent (or the guardian of an impressionable ward), remember that you’re modeling good behavior for the next generation.

Don’t make Sundays scary for them – or they’ll just carry on that feeling of dread into their grown-up lives. You have a chance to change things – you don’t have to pass on intergenerational issues.

Make sure sports kits cleaning, school uniform mending, bake sale purchasing (you don’t seriously make that stuff yourself do you? Who has time?) and all the other week-prep with children is done on Saturday morning. School bags packed by the door. Uniforms (or suitable scholastic outfits, even if that includes unicorn t-shirts and amusing socks in your district) hung up on the outside of closets before you all go to sleep on Sunday – rested, and refreshed.

Make Sundays a time of self-care, enrichment, fun stuff, and good times. The week ahead will run much smoother for everyone if you do.