Waking up tired? Air quality could be your problem

You’ve tried just about everything. A new pillow, mattress, and even some new bedsheets, but nothing seems to be working. There is one important element you may have overlooked – indoor air quality can play a significant role in how well you sleep. 

Bedroom Air Quality

You close your window and your door and slip into bed. You’ve got the privacy and quiet you want, but now your room is poorly ventilated. Research shows that bedroom air quality, specifically carbon dioxide levels, can adversely impact your sleep quality. With your room closed off, the CO2 your body generates builds up in your room. Studies have shown that people who slept in rooms with higher levels of CO2 (due to poor bedroom ventilation) slept worse and performed worse on logic tests the next day. 

Kitchen Air Quality

How well is your kitchen ventilated? A study on how cooking oil fumes affect your sleep showed that those with poorly ventilated kitchens reported overall worse sleep quality. Prolonged exposure to cooking oil fumes were also positively associated with poor sleep quality. 

What You Can Do

Okay, so you get the overall point: the air you’re exposed to on a daily basis can have a significant effect on how well you sleep. But what can you do about it? Here are two easy changes you can make that could make a difference in how well you’re sleeping: 

Get an Air Monitor 

Air monitors can help you identify any problems in your indoor air quality such as elevated CO2 or particulate matter levels. This can help you pinpoint other changes you might need to make like replacing your air filter.


Aside from installing a ventilator in your home, there are many things you can do to improve air flow. Turn on a fan, keep your door open, or just crack open a window. These practices can ensure that CO2 doesn’t build up in your bedroom, and help protect you from dangerous cooking fumes. If you choose to use oil the next time you’re cooking, turn a fan on, or cover your mouth and face, and keep it short!